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Integrated Estate Planning


Integrated Estate Planning requires the consideration of income and estate tax issues, the proper use of insurance, the implementation of financial and retirement planning, and the proper planning for distribution to your intended beneficiaries.

We work closely with your insurance, tax and financial professionals to create an Integrated Estate Plan tailored to your needs and specifications. We carefully review your circumstances and implement your intentions using will or trust based estate plans, as well as other advanced planning techniques. We guide you step-by-step through the issues of guardian and trustee selection, the proper titling and disposition of property, and the coordination of different planning concepts.

We strive to advise you in the highest professional manner, while always considering the human side of your estate planning.


    Services at a Glance:


   - Wills

   - Trusts

   - Probate

   - Probate Avoidance

   - Disability Planning

   - Special Needs and D(4)(A) Trusts

   - Living Wills / Advance Directives

   - Powers of Attorney

   - Insurance Review

   - Financial Review       

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