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Business Advisory Services


Our firm works closely with your professional advisors to guide your decisions regarding the correct corporate entity, the relationship between the parties, and the proper financial arrangements. If you decide to buy or sell a business, we will negotiate the transaction, draft the appropriate documents, and close the deal.

As your business grows, we will assist you in the negotiation and drafting of service agreements, employment and contractor agreements, joint ventures and strategic partnerships. In real estate transactions, we will guide you successfully through contract and settlement.

We encourage preventive business reviews to ensure your future protection and growth. We protect your intellectual property through prudent corporate procedures and proper filings. We will assist you in avoiding and solving collection problems. 


    Services at a Glance:


   - Proper Corporate Structure

   - Partnership Planning

   - Purchase or Sale of a Business

   - Succession Planning

   - Risk Avoidance & Management

   - Copyright & Trademark

   - Real Estate Transactions

   - Lease Drafting and Negotiation

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