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Information for Professionals


We believe in a team approach for our clients.  More importantly, our clients find much more peace of mind when we assure them that we work as a team with their other professionals.   This team includes legal, financial, insurance and tax professionals, all working towards the best interests of our clients.  Using this cooperative team approach, we can present a clear voice regarding options best suited to benefit our clients.  A good estate planning attorney will make your clients more productive by reinforcing the best planning advice for the client.


Planning can include insurance planning, long term care, disability, tax and retirement planning.  We find that we serve our clients best when we coordinate our sound advice so that the client can make the best decisions for their planning.


We welcome the opportunity to actively work with you.  We will meet clients in your office or ours.  We will travel for your convenience, and can practice in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Florida.

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